10 Best Yoga Shorts for Men That Worth Any Pennies

by YogaYami

Yoga has grown to be one of the world’s most popular stretching exercises, and for good reason. Apart from its mental and spiritual advantages, yoga may be one of the most effective single workouts for developing strength, flexibility, and balance in a safe manner. As is the case with the majority of fitness exercises, yoga requires certain specific gear in order to maximize pleasure and perform at a high level.

Anyone who does yoga understands that the right gear may either enhance or detract from your flow. While males have many leg options, others choose shorts while training their dogs downhill. While shorts may keep you cool, they may not offer the most coverage in certain positions.

Male yogis are becoming more prevalent in the United States, as is the number of active apparel businesses. With the variety of styles, cuts, and technologies available, a man practicing yoga can not rely only on Lululemon shorts. So go ahead and have a new look at these wonderful finds:

From Rhone to prAna, keep scrolling and shopping for the finest men’s yoga shorts.

Best Yoga Shorts For Men

Saxx Men’s Athletic Shorts

Key Features

  • semi-compression fit
  • 7 “inseam
  • polyester shell with a nylon & elastane liner.
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • drawstring closure
  • on-seam pockets & security zip pocket
  • patented BallPark Pouch
  • flat-out seams for a chafe-free experience
  • moisture-wicking & quick-drying
  • odor-resistant
  • versatile in use.


The gray color may be sweaty.

There is only one thing more comfortable than wearing Saxx Men’s Athletic Shorts with an integrated liner to your yoga session. However, let us take a little detour here. Saxx is a Canadian-based business that aims to reimagine men’s underwear. The company stands by their promise to provide men with the utmost in down-there comfort-no chafing, no friction, and no discomfort.

One thing is more comfy than commanding your Yoga class with a built-in Saxx Men’s Athletic Shorts. But let’s go back here a little. Saxx is a Canadian business that aims to revolutionize the way men’s underwear is seen. The company stands by their promise to provide men with the utmost in down-there comfort-no chafing, no friction, and no discomfort. How are they able to accomplish this? By using Saxx’s proprietary technologies:

  • The BallPark Pouch protects and supports vital private areas, even when you sweat.
  • Flat Out Seams that keep you comfortable even during the most strenuous workouts.
  • 3D-Fit provides optimum support for the glutes, thighs, quadriceps, and hamstrings.

When you combine key technological characteristics (breathability, odor control, moisture management, and 4-way stretch), you create men’s yoga shorts that you’ll never want to take off. “If feasible,” one purchaser said, “I would wear them every day.”

Rhone Mako 9 “

Key Features

  • A more relaxed fit
  • 9 “inseam
  • nylon-spandex blend
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • moisture-wicking & quick-drying
  • lightweight & breathable
  • draw cord closure
  • 4 pockets (including a zipper pocket)
  • gusseted seams
  • versatile in use.


When carrying large things, pockets may droop; thus, you may need to size down.

Whatever motivates you to exercise, the Rhone Mako Men’s Workout Shorts are designed with you in mind. Gym, yoga, CrossFit… whatever your activity, these men’s shorts are intended to accompany you everywhere you go, even if it’s only to the sofa for today. These boys’ wick are created from a flexible technical fabric that wicks away sweat and smells, keeping you cool and dry even on the warmest days. Try swimming with Rhone Mako shorts and you’ll never want to go back to regular swimming shorts.

Yoga Crow Mens Swerve Shorts w/ Liner

Key Features

  • slim-fitting cut
  • 7 “-8” inseam
  • nylon & polyester blend
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • moisture-wicking & quick drying
  • breathable
  • odor-resistant
  • non-abrasive inner liner
  • 2 side pockets
  • wide color choice


It might be too heavy for hot yoga

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re undoubtedly aware of Yoga Crow’s yoga shorts for men.

What is the point of all this fuss?

Yoga Crow is a pioneer in the field of men’s yoga shorts. Not that these yoga shorts aren’t suitable for the gym or a run. However, you’d really enjoy their performance in a yoga class.

The men’s yoga shorts are made of a four-way stretch fabric that moves with you without bunching or impeding your movement. Yoga Crow bottoms do not need adjustment and do not collapse in inverted positions, according to users. Additionally, these men’s yoga shorts have a slew of essential athletic characteristics, like moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabric, breathability, and odor resistance.

RVCA Men’s Yogger Stretch Short

Key Features

  • slim fit
  • 17 “outseam
  • 90% polyester, 10% elastane
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • lightweight & airy
  • moisture-wicking & quick-drying
  • anti-odor control
  • pull-on closure
  • mesh side vents for extra breathability.
  • gusset for increased range of motion
  • A zippered back pocket
  • versatile in use.


Stretches big

Are you not the kind that likes to go by liner?

There will be no issue. RVCA’s men’s yoga shorts will keep you covered even in the Dancer Pose. Additionally, these men’s bottoms will not ride up while inverted due to their tight fit around the legs. The RVCA Men’s Yogger Stretch Short is constructed from a stretch fabric that moves with you, wicks away sweat, and dries quickly. Therefore, whether you’re up for a vigorous yoga session, a jog, or a visit to the gym, go ahead and work up a sweat. You are well taken care of.

Hurley Men’s Phantom Flex 2.0 Walkshort

Key Features

  • eco-conscious brand
  • relaxed fit
  • 9.5 “inseam
  • recycled polyester/polyester/spandex
  • stretchy & soft
  • extremely lightweight, moisture
  • moisture-wicking & quick-drying
  • breathable
  • zip fly with button closure.
  • side pockets and a secure back pocket are versatile
  • versatile in use.


When you walk, create a swoosh sound.

Are you looking for men’s yoga clothes to take you down the street from the studio?

You’ve got the Hurley Phantom Flex Shorts covered. These men’s exercise shorts are made from a very lightweight and extensive Phantom fabric, ideal for any environment: practicing yoga, lifting weights, having a swim. Even if you go to a formal dinner, nobody will ever realize that you have brief workouts. Really. Moreover, these men’s yoga shorts are extremely light and breathable, so that you remain dry even during the hottest summer days.

4-rth Mens Transition Yoga Shorts

Key Features

  • eco-conscious brand
  • made in the USA.
  • form-fitting cut
  • 5″-8″ inseam
  • modal French terry fabric.
  • stretchy & soft
  • lightweight & breathable
  • elastic drawstring closure
  • side rib “paneling” for greater range of motion
  • 2 front pockets
  • wide color choice


Moisture absorption

The 4-rth Men’s Transition Yoga Shorts are almost weightless and oh-so-comfortable. They’re made of a delicate modal fabric that moves and stretches with you and can withstand splits, squats, or whatever experiments you’re doing today. The 4-rth Men’s Transition Yoga Shorts keep their shape thanks to their tight fit, providing a concentrated and no-fuss yoga practice. Attention Bikram yoga practitioners: these eco-friendly shorts absorb perspiration and may become a little bit exposed towards the end of the class if you forgo underpants.

prAna Men’s Sutra Short

Key Features

  • Fair-trade certified
  • relaxed fit
  • 11 “inseam
  • 53% hemp/44% recycled polyester/3% spandex
  • stretchy & soft
  • light-weight & quick-drying
  • anti-odor properties
  • drawstring closure
  • 2 front patch pockets & 1 back pocket
  • Inseam gusset
  • versatile in use.


Moisture absorption

Utilize your day to the fullest with the prAna Sutra Yoga Short for men. These men’s bottoms effortlessly move from a yoga class or a climbing wall to your favorite sofa, thanks to the flexible hemp mix. Additionally, its anti-odor hemp fabric is lightweight, quick-drying, and pleasantly soft to the touch. Bear in mind that the prAna Sutra Men’s Yoga Short is somewhat baggy, so bring underwear to your yoga session unless you want to expose your private bits to others.

Anthem Athletics Hyperflex Men’s Yoga Shorts

Key Features

  • made in the USA
  • eco-friendly
  • relaxed fit
  • organic cotton-lycra blend
  • stretchable & soft
  • breathable
  • zipper & tie front closure
  • elasticized back
  • cargo pockets & 2 side pockets
  • versatile in use.


Absorb perspiration and have a limited color selection.

With these Shorts, you’ll feel great and look amazing. These trendy shorts are produced in the United States of America from organic cotton, which means no chemicals make their way onto your body during yoga or into the environment during manufacturing. Additionally, organic cotton is very soft, breathable, and surprisingly resilient. Plus, these men’s yoga shorts include an abundance of pockets for storing your keys and belongings for days when you choose to leave your backpack at home.

prAna Men’s JD Short

Key Features

  • made in the US
  • bluesign® certified
  • A tight fit
  • 5″ inseam
  • 90% recycled polyester/ 10% spandex
  • superior flex
  • lightweight & breathable
  • Moisture-wicking
  • elastic closure
  • articulated seams for durability
  • great for intense/hot yoga practice.


a scarcity of color choices and the absence of pockets

These prAna JD Shorts are the ideal audience pleaser when it comes to Bikram or hot yoga. These men’s hot yoga shorts are made of recycled polyester and spandex and are extremely flexible and lightweight, allowing you to flex and bend freely. According to users, these men’s shorts breathe nicely and wick away perspiration as the temperature rises (and you will sweat in Bikram class). Additionally, they do not ride up as other compression shorts do.

Manduka Men’s Performance Mesh Short

Key Features

  • eco-friendly
  • global recycled standard certified
  • tapered fit
  • 8.5″ inseam
  • 87% recycled polyester/13% spandex
  • four-way stretch mesh fabric.
  • lightweight & breathable
  • moisture-wicking & quick-drying
  • elastic waistband with a drawcord
  • interior compression brief
  • 2 hand pockets
  • great for any workout


lack of color options

Are you a lover of hot yoga but not of form-fitting yoga clothing?

These Manduka Men’s Performance Mesh Shorts are quite possibly the finest hot yoga shorts available. Manduka men’s yoga shorts have a tapered fit and an inside liner that are the ideal length and cut for feeling “covered” while being incredibly comfortable. Furthermore, the mesh fabric breathes, keeping you cool and dry throughout even the hottest yoga session.

Three Types Of Men’s Shorts That Are Not Appropriate For A Yoga Class

No formal guidelines are available as to what men should wear or not wear in a yoga session. But, for the purpose of your comfort and respect for others, you may wish to keep certain kinds of men’s shorts clear:

  • Baggy shorts without a liner-although they may be ideal for the gym or basketball, are not appropriate for a yoga session. They will form lunges and will ride up as soon as you raise your leg into the air. Needless to say, wearing these shorts in commando-style is a no-no
  • Supershort shorts – they are very comfortable, unrestrictive, and ideal for a yoga practice at home (I know since I own a pair). However, if you’re going to wear them to a yoga session, consider the poor individuals who will practice behind you as you enter Downward facing dog.
  • Jeans shorts-although they seem modest in a yoga environment, they have the potential to disrupt your practice. Not only are jeans shorts constricting, but they also chafe the minute they get somewhat damp from perspiration.

Selecting Men’s Yoga Shorts: 9 Considerations

The difficult task of finding the finest yoga shorts becomes much simpler once you understand the needs of your yoga class and establish your priorities. I recommend making a brief list of the characteristics you’re looking for in yoga shorts. This way, you’ll be able to weed out yoga shorts that aren’t a good match for your lifestyle and concentrate on studying the alternatives that are.

Natural or Synthetic Fabric

Cotton, organic cotton, hemp, and modal are all examples of natural fabrics. These are airy, pleasant to the touch, and work well for slower Hatha yoga sessions.

Natural fiber shorts may also be used as gym shorts and are comfortable enough to wear around the home.

Having said that, natural fabrics absorb moisture and become heavier when damp. Depending on how much you sweat when doing Bikram yoga or jogging, you may want to reconsider wearing natural materials.

Polyester, nylon, and spandex are the most frequently used synthetic textiles. These mixes make men’s yoga shorts lightweight and moisture-wicking. Due to the quick-drying nature of several of the shorts, they may easily double as swimming shorts.

Moreover, certain yoga gear manufacturers treat their sportswear with anti-odor technology, which inhibits the growth of smelly germs and leaves you feeling fresh even after a lengthy, intense workout.


Natural fabrics are gentle on the skin and biodegradable (though some materials, such as cotton, still contribute to pollution and require significant energy and water resources). Numerous natural fibers, such as organic cotton, hemp, or linen, are produced without the use of chemicals or pesticides, making them safe to wear, safe to manufacture (consider factory workers, too), and much better for the environment.

On the other hand, synthetic textiles are a major source of pollution on a worldwide scale. To avoid getting too biological here, synthetics are essentially highly processed plastic that has been treated with a number of chemicals from the beginning to the conclusion of manufacturing. This can not be healthy for the earth, and it certainly isn’t good for our skin.

Additionally, synthetics continue to pollute our world long after they are manufactured, since they drop plastic fibers into rivers with each wash.


Yoga shorts may be any length that you want. For yoga, both knee-height and mid-thigh lengths are ideal. Simply avoid wearing anything too short unless you’re comfortable exposing your private parts.


While loose clothing is convenient, it often falls over your head and exposes portions of your body. You may want to conceal it. Let’s face it, Downward Dog or even a headstand may expose much too much inappropriate attire. Choose clothes that stay in place, such as a compression shirt. Men’s yoga shorts come in a variety of styles, from loose to form-fitting to tight, depending on your preference for freedom. Avoid wearing baggy shorts with no built-in liner while going commando.


Certain men’s yoga shorts get bonus points for additional features such as a gusset for enhanced durability and mobility, flexible side panels for increased range of motion, reinforced seams for further durability, or flat-lock stitching for chafe-free practice.


Men’s yoga shorts with liners eliminate the need to search for a pair of comfortable workout underwear. A liner will keep everything in place and protect you from accidental exposure and chafing. Are you not the kind that likes to go by liner? There is a diverse selection of sportswear available that allows you to move freely down there.


The majority of men’s yoga shorts include at least one or two pockets for keeping minor items like keys, identification, or even a phone. Simply ensure that your pockets are not too big or thick, since this may limit your mobility.


Men’s shorts are available with an elasticized waistband or with a drawstring closure. Personally, I prefer an elastic waistband to a drawcord, since certain drawcords may cause discomfort and pinching while doing belly-down yoga poses. Having said that, elastic waistbands may become slack with time.


Certain yoga shorts for men are versatile enough to be used as exercise shorts, jogging shorts, or even swimming shorts. These Hurley Men’s Phantom Flex shorts are also fashionable enough for a more formal occasion. If you lead an active lifestyle, it makes sense to invest in a pair of shorts that can withstand anything: a strenuous yoga session, a lengthy jog, and a day at the gym.

What Shorts Are Appropriate For Bikram/Hot Yoga?

If my yoga shorts are my size and I look decent, I can bring them to a session of hot yoga, right?


In a hot and humid environment, do hot yoga and bikram. Just resting for ten minutes under these circumstances makes any additional layer uncomfortable (this also applies to thick cotton underwear!). Ideally, the less clothing you wear the better, but presumably in a group yoga session you would want to be modest.

Choose yoga shorts designed from quick-drying, moisture-wicking materials that will not sweat. Tighter shorts with a shorter inseam will probably also improve your perspiration and cool your body.

Choose hemp with its antibacterial qualities or lightweight bamboo with its excellent breathability in the case of natural fibers.

What are men’s basic yoga clothes?

Whereas yoga leggings have become associated with wealthy yogis who seldom miss an occasion to brag about their favorite instructor at brunch, a complete yoga outfit for guys consists of a T-shirt and either shorts or yoga trousers.

Men’s yoga clothing is all about enabling mobility, which is why you’ll find so many yogis sharing topless photos on Instagram. If you’re not back-bending over a mountain-scape for the purpose of social media, the trick is to find sportswear that’s so light you’ll forget it’s there.

With regards to your feet, a benefit for both your budget and the amount of room in your kit bag is that yoga is best practiced barefoot, although you will need a mat.

What should you look for with the purchase of new yoga clothes?

As with your fitness clothing, you’ll want to search for T-shirts, shorts, or joggers that are constructed of sweat-wicking materials. As previously said, lightweight yoga attire facilitates mobility, but don’t mistake free-flowing for large. You may dispense with any muscle-hugging base layers, but consider how the neck will drop during a plank and how your shorts will ride up during warrior III.

Yoga Shorts FAQ

Why are yoga clothing prices so high?

Yoga clothing, like any other kind of athleisure, is not inexpensive. Manufacturers choose the appropriate fabric that will maintain its form and move comfortably when the body moves and extends.

Is it preferable to wear workout shorts than yoga pants?

Both are effective as long as they are comfortable and allow for enough mobility throughout your workout. However, during the warmer seasons, many choose shorts since they keep you cooler.

Is it OK to wear compression shorts to yoga?

Compression garments are intended to exert pressure on the body. They are ideal for weightlifting and running. For yoga, you’re better off wearing loose-fitting shorts that allow you to stretch freely.


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