17 Best Yoga Pants & Leggings For Women To Rock On Your Mat In 2021

by YogaYami

17 Best Yoga Pants & Leggings For Women To Rock On Your Mat In 2021

In 2021, finding a good quality pair of yoga pants is like looking for a gem in the sand. The process can be overwhelming, particularly because most of them look so similar to each other.

In case a host of questions confuse you regarding both fabrics and the features, you can go through this extensive guide that will assist you with finding the perfect pair for both men and women.

We are here to help you find the most perfect pair.

Here, we have highlighted the 17 best yoga pants as well as leggings for women.

In A Hurry? Here Are Top Picks…

Here is a list of high-quality yoga pants created using soft, non-itch, and stretchy fabric, which will essentially feel like your skin and ensure that you stay dry throughout. On top of that, they look amazing.

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Best Budget-Friendly Yoga Leggings For Women

Inexpensive does not necessarily mean bad. We have collated a list of budget-friendly yoga leggings for women to prove just that. Many of them can be very soft and stretchy and are very versatile, similar to many of the expensive pants in the market.
However, most of them do not offer a combination of benefits.

Yoga pants that are inexpensive either tend to be too silky and thin, or are very prone to pilling. They seem stylish and comfy, while showing too much skin. Those that are thick are no good when it comes to dealing with sweat.

The yoga leggings we have outlined are great at doing their job. However, always consider the features of the pants before you make styling decisions. For instance, never go commando when wearing sheer pants devoid of the gusset. On the other hand, never opt for warm pants if you are doing hot yoga. Remember to adhere to the cleaning instructions, and never put your yoga pants in the drier.

90 Degree By Reflex Women’s Power Flex Yoga Pants

Key Characteristics:
• 76% polyester & 24% spandex
• Very stretchy and allows flexible movement
• The material is thin and breathable
• Is very light
• The pair is high-waist and accompanied with tummy control
• Comes with two side pockets
• Equipped with gusset crotch
• 7/8 length (ideal for yogis who are short)
• Very wide range of colors
• 30-day warranty with a complete money-back guarantee
Points to remember
• the material of the pants is not completely opaque
• Tends to attract both hair & lint
• When wet, light colors turn dark
• Bleeding of colors is observed

Yoga pants offered by 90 Degree by Reflex are an amazing option if you are looking for a good pair of leggings. With over 7000 positive reviews, the pants are particularly popular due to their versatility. They function well even in the yoga studio and as they seem casual, one can style them with a long top or chunky sweater.

Some people may find the material to be a little stiff and it is not very silky. But do note that they are very comfortable and look great, as they slim down the body, particularly near the tummy. Moreover, they are very stretchy, which makes the movements very flexible.

The fabric is quite thick and can sustain wearers during winters.

Simultaneously, since the pants are breathable, they are great for the hot environment. If you are someone who engages in intense practice, it is best to remember that light, as well as gray colors, tend to show more sweat.

They come with two side pockets, although they are practically unnoticeable and do not look bulky at all. As the pants are equipped with sewn-in gussets, they are very comfortable and the pressure of the seams in the crotch area is decreased.

One clear disadvantage is that these pants are quite short for yogis who are tall, and they do not come in different lengths.

90 Degree by Reflex yoga leggings is quite opaque, although they are slightly see-through. Moreover, during the first few washes, the fabric tends to attract lint and also bleeds. Thus, it is best to wash them separately from other clothes.

According to several users, there are several quality-based issues with 90 Degree by Reflex, including split seams following a few workouts. However, there is no clarity whether that was a bad batch or there are issues with the quality.

Yogalicious High Waist Ultra Soft Lightweight Leggings

Key Characteristics
• 86% Polyester/14% Spandex
• 4-way stretch
• Very silky and soft
• Is quite light
• Equipped with a hidden pocket
• high rise waistband
• crotch is gusseted
• Several colors are available
• a full-money-back warranty period of 30 days
Points to remember
• issues with durability
• Absence of compression
• the waist is elastic and could be too tight, digging into the skin
• sweat is visible with light colors

According to the online community, Yogalicious leggings are the cheaper version of Lululemon Align yoga pants. The fabric is very soft and hence, it is great to wear during yoga workouts as well as on days when you are chilling on the couch.

These yoga leggings that are meant for women are very thin and could end up displaying your underwear lines. However, interestingly, they pass the squat test. Yogalicious leggings are extremely stretchy, making them perfect for stretches and other movements.

The yoga pants come with a double-layered high waist, which you can also fold over for a low-cut look. But it may seem a little bulky, particularly during Forward Folds.

Although an internal pocket in the waist may seem unnecessary if you are taking a trip to the yoga studio. However, they do make great key-holders for people who prefer not carrying bags.

However, the Yogalicious leggings do not fit perfectly due to a piece of elastic that is sewn into the waist’s top. According to users, if you do not have abs, it may cut into your stomach, resulting in a muffin top.

Moreover, do note that Yogalicious yoga leggings provide close to no compression. Hence, this is not the best option for those looking to hide their cellulite, bum dimples, or their paunch. There is almost zero support provided by the leggings, which probably enhances their comfort levels.

We do not recommend wearing Yogalicious while doing hot yoga or any cardio workout as they do not ward off moisture. Instead, use them when engaging in relaxed yoga and for stretching.

Thus, Yogalicious is not for those who love engaging in sweat-inducing yoga styles. Instead, if you want a comfortable pair of yoga pants for relaxation and meditation, these are great.

Best Eco-Friendly Hot Yoga Leggings For Women

Sugar Pocket Active Leggings By Organic Basics

Sugar Pocket Womens High Waisted Yoga Leggings Gym Workout Running Pants with Side Pockets with Side Pockets S (Black/Grey)
  • Ankle length leggings
  • Highest quality fabric, stretchy, breathable and moisture-wicking
  • Side Pocket for convenience
  • Elastic waistband for a snug, comfortable fit
  • Perfect for Yoga, Running, Workout, Skating or everyday casual wear

Key Characteristics
• The brand is environment-conscious and is ethical
• manufactured in Portugal
• 96% recycled nylon, 4% elastane
• Feels very soft
• Removes sweat and dries very quickly
• Extremely breathable
• anti-odor technology
• treated using bluesign® approved silver salt Polygiene®
• Knitting is seamless and provides maximum comfort & durability
• Ideal for all kinds of workout, which includes hot yoga
Points to remember
• Little shiny in the light

Are you someone who hates washing? It is highly probable that those at Organic Basics do, too.

Thus, they treat their Sugar Pocket yoga apparel using silver salt Polygiene® to prevent the growth of bacteria and ensure that your clothes smell nice and fresh, even following intensive hot yoga classes.

Furthermore, these Sugar Pocket Active Leggings are very stretchy and soft and are ethically manufactured at a partner factory in Portugal.

Teeki Clouds Yoga Hot Pant

Key Characteristics
• The brand is eco-conscious and ethical
• manufactured in the USA
• Created using recycled plastic: 79% Recycled P.E.T., 21% spandex
• 4-way stretch
• The material is very thin & breathable
• Wicks away moisture and dries very quickly
• Ideal for hot climates & for people interested in heated yoga
• gusset to make it long-standing
• presence of a hidden back pocket
• pilling-free
• unique colorful design
Points to consider
• Absence of compression
• Becomes semi-sheer in a few poses
• waistband rolls down

Teeki, which is a US-based sustainable company, ensures that you recycle about 18 to 30 plastic bottles when you purchase their Hot yoga pant. These items are produced locally in the US on solar-powered facilities.

Teeki Clouds Hot Yoga Pants for women are meant for the hot environment. The material is extremely thin and is breathable. Heat is not retained by it and it dries very quickly and thus, they are great for your next hot yoga session.

The texture of the pants is very smooth and thus, they are a little slippery in a few poses, including the Tree Pose. Alternatively, smoothness reduces pilling over the long term.

According to a few reviewers, some more elastic is required when it comes to the wide waistband. Hence, the tummy area does not experience a lot of compressions, which is important to understand for those looking for a slimming silhouette.
Do not opt for colorful undies, as the Teeki Clouds Hot Yoga Pants are slightly sheer in a few booty-up poses.

Yoga Democracy Eco-Friendly Festival Denim Leggings

Key Features
• The brand is eco-conscious and ethical
• manufactured in the USA
• 78% Recycled PET/22% LYCRA® XTRALIFE
• The texture is soft & silky
• Wicks away moisture & is antimicrobial
• Great compression in the tummy and thigh area
• Equipped with a crotch gusset
• Comes in 2 different lengths
• Pilling- resistant
• The patterns are unique are bold
• Dye does not bleed
Points to remember
• May seem a little tight at first

This relatively young US-based company is both sustainable and eco-friendly while and still produces great apparel.
Although created using recycled water bottles, the Yoga Democracy leggings are soft and smooth, and the flatlock seams tend to prevent chafing, ensuring that the yoga practice is very comfortable.

The fabric tends to wick away sweat and ensures that there is no foul smell through the antimicrobial properties.

Yoga Democracy yoga pants for women offers adequate support as well as compression around the waist and thigh area, and thus, when you engage in active practice, juggling is prevented.

However, the most prominent feature of these leggings is the bold patterns, which retain their color when stretched and they do not bleed.

New leggings may seem tight, but they become looser after the first use. Opt for a bigger size if you are between sizes.

The Yoga Democracy leggings come in two different lengths, meant for taller and short yogis. In case you are shorter than 5’7″, opt for the Standard Length (28″ Inseam).

Best Yoga Leggings With Cutout Details

Harmony Legging By Synergy Organic Clothing

Key Characteristics
• The brand is eco-conscious and ethical
• manufactured in India
• 92% Organic Cotton, 8% Spandex Jersey
• inseam: 28″
• soft and stretches well
• breathable
• the waistband is wide and comes with elastic reinforcement
• equipped with side pockets
• low-impact dyes are used to color it
Points to remember
• can only be hand-washed
This Harmony Legging by Synergy Organic Clothing is basic, but definitely in style.
Created using organic cotton, these women’s yoga leggings are very silky and soft, while they are capable of stretching with your movements and retaining the shape, with the added spandex.
The best aspect of these yoga pants is that the unique cut-outs, as well as the band around the ankles, make them look pretty cool. If you combine it with a long top, nobody will figure out that you are wearing yoga pants.

Alo Yoga Women’s Entwine Legging

Key Characteristics
• Brand is environmentally conscious & ethical- WRAP certified
• 87% Nylon, 13% Spandex
• Very soft & comfortable
• 4-way stretch
• dry wicking as well as antimicrobial
• mid-cut waist
• the crotch is gusseted & equipped internal pocket
• Several colors are available
Points to consider
• A few colors tend to show sweat
• Perfect for winter months

Entwine Leggin from ALO works very well for studio workouts and while going out with a friend. It is both stylish as well as useful.
ALO Entwine leggings for women fit well and are very comfortable. Moreover, they slim down the apt places- the butt and thigh area. With a mid-rise waist, tummy control is lowered and it comes with a hidden pocket for your valuables.

Its high-quality fabric is very stretchy and it is quite thin and breathable. Hence, you can wear it to your hot yoga sessions. As it comes with an anti-bacterial finish, it will continue to smell fresh and prevent foul smell. However, a few of the colors will demonstrate sweat marks.

ALO Entwine yoga pants are true to their size and in case the 28″ long inseam is very long, pair it up with heels.

Best Affordable Compression Leggings To Hide Cellulite

CompressionZ High Waisted Women’s Leggings

CompressionZ High Waisted Women's Leggings - Yoga Leggings - Running Gym & Everyday Fitness Workout Pants - Plus Size Compression Leggings Women
  • COMFORTABLE ATHLETIC LEGGINGS: Our compression pants for women are ideal fitness clothing for yoga, walking, running, gym workout & traveling. Comfortable support in warm or cool weather.
  • SUPPORTIVE RUNNING LEGGINGS: CompressionZ tights are made from moisture wicking, breathable 4-way stretch fabric with chafe-free stitching that make them perfect for running, jogging, or walking.
  • BODY SLIMMING COMPRESSION: Look & feel great in our running tights with comfortable yet firm pressure that provides anti-cellulite benefits. Experience maximum muscle support while working out.
  • NON SEE THROUGH FABRIC: Thick durable fabric can't be seen through when bending, squatting, or stretching. Athletic leggings allow you to workout in confidence! Pants retain fit after many washes.
  • TRUSTED QUALITY & SATISFACTION: Our women's compression leggings are backed by superior quality for maximum muscle support. For a more relaxed fit, consider ordering an extra size up.

Key Characteristics
• Polyester & Spandex blend
• Very soft
• 4-way stretch
• wicks sweat and dry fast
• body shaping & helps with compression
• the back has a zippered pocket
• 100% money-back guarantee
Points to remember
• thin waistband could cut into the skin
• runs small
• gusset is absent
• inconsistent in terms of performance and sizes

In case you want some body shaping pants that provide adequate support at reasonable prices, you must check out these yoga leggings for women by CompressionZ.

Yoga pants with compression tend to emphasize natural body curves, while hiding bumps, lumps, and cellulite. Moreover, they are also good for circulation to the muscles and decrease after-work-out pain, while preventing injury.

The CompressionZ leggings are created using a soft synthetic fiber blend that is very thin to breathe, although it is strong enough to hold wobbly parts.

These pants are great for women who are 5’8″-5’9″ tall. In case your height is less than average, you may be dealing with some extra fabric bunching up at the ankles.

The thin waistband is the primary disadvantage with this pair as it tends to dig into the skin although it does slim down the stomach area. If you have more weight in the tummy, it is best to size up.

Reviewers have expressed concerns that the performance and size have remained inconsistent between the pants of different designs. When it comes to compression and opaqueness, black pairs were the best, and the Brick style pair demonstrated zero compression.

CompressionZ leggings are available in solid black and 8 bright designs. However, do note that the fabric seems slightly shiny and not matte. The company offers 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

Best Size-Inclusive Leggings For Women

DAY/WON X Megababe Leopard Legging

Key Characteristics
• Brand is environmentally conscious & ethical
• Owned by women
• Manufactured in USA
• 88% Recycled Polyester, 12% Spandex MaxDri
• wicks sweat and are breathable
• antimicrobial
• seams are reinforced, and there is an inner back pocket
• digitally printed for decreasing waste & pollution
• plus sizes available
• 30-day free return/exchange within the US (conditions apply)
Points to remember
• Since they are manufactured on demand, wait times are longer
These DAY/WON yoga leggings for women are cheerful, bright and manufactured on demand in the US.
• Regardless of your size, you can enjoy a pair of well-fitting pants.
• The company does not overstock items and dump them in landfills.

The sewing process takes a few weeks, but the result is a high-quality pair of pants meant for all kinds of workouts.

Best Bootcut Yoga Pants For Women

prAna Women’s Pillar Regular Inseam Pants

Betsey Johnson Women's High Rise Seamless 7/8 Legging, Black, X-Small
  • High Rise, 7/8 Length legging
  • True flatlock seaming
  • Great for all everyday activities
  • Moisture Wicking Material
  • BETSEY JOHNSON: A New York fashion designer who has built her long-standing career by following her own rules. Pushing the boundaries & creating looks with whimsical detailing & fabulous fit, this brand is a constant reminder that fashion can be fun.

Key Characteristics
• fair trade certified company
• Chakara® fabric (88% Supplex ® Nylon / 12% Lycra ® OR 46% Nylon / 42% Polyester / 12% Lycra ®)
• Pants are soft & stretchy
• They are both thick & slimming
• Wick off sweat
• breathable
• mid-rise waistband is wide
• presence of hidden waist pocket
• Absence of sideseams
• Absence of tag
• triangle crotch gusset
• upf 50+
• 3 different inseams available: short, reg, tall
• versatile
Points to consider
• may seem too thick/heavy for a hot class

In case you don’t enjoy tight yoga leggings, these prAna women’s Pillar Pants are great.

Created using signature Chakara® fabric, the compression of this fabric is great in all the apt places.

These are renowned for being some of the most comfortable pants ever made.

P.S. Before purchase, check out the inseam of the product as they have short, regular, and tall available.

Fishers Finery Women’s Ecofabric Classic Bootleg Yoga Pant

Key Characteristics
• EcoFabric™ blend: 60% Viscose derived from Bamboo / 25% Organic Cotton / 15% Spandex
• Extremely soft and comfortable
• 4-way stretch
• very breathable
• wick away sweat & avoid bad odor
• UPF 50+
• mid-rise waist
• gusset
• built-in pocket
• prevent chafing by avoiding tags
• pilling-resistant
• low-impact, non-toxic dyes used
• Different sizes and inseams available
Points to consider
• the waist usually rolls down
• Absence of compression
• Could be very long for petite yogis
• Washing fades away the colors
• A little glossy when new

Bamboo, as a material, is great for yogis who have sensitive skin, and are keen to enjoy pants that are moisture-wicking and demonstrate anti-microbial properties. Moreover, the bamboo fabric is very soft and is quite comfortable, similar to pure cotton.

These Fishers Finery Bootleg yoga pants for women are extremely comfortable for those into slow restorative yoga as well as physically challenging Power or Ashtanga yoga, and ensure you remain cool and dry throughout.

These pants endure wear and tear and are pilling-resistant. Moreover, if you adhere to the instructions for washing, they do not shrink.

Unfortunately, people have revealed that the mid-rise waistband rolls down under the belly once in a while. Moreover, although they are figure-hugging, they do not go a long way in slimming you down. Hence, if you want compression pants, opt for one of the other suggestions.

Fisher’s Finery Bootleg yoga pants are available in different sizes and inseams. In case your booty area is heavy, it is best to size up. If you are short, you will have to hem your yoga pants.

Typically, for people who want an extremely soft and comfortable pair of yoga pants for routine practice and lounging around the house, Fishers Finery Women’s Bootleg Yoga Pant is great.

Yogipace Women’s Bootcut Yoga Pants

Key Features
• 87% Nylon/ 13% Spandex
• soft
• 4-way stretch
• wicks away moisture
• low-cut waist that remains in place
• crotch is gusseted
• presence of an internal pocket
• great for tall yogis
• Several options for inseams
Points to consider
• May be extremely long for short yogis
• Absence of shaping & compression
• tends to lint
• not resistant to pilling

Yogipace Bootcut Yoga Pants are great for tall, long-legged women, even for those who are 6′ or higher.

The Yogipace Bootcut Yoga Pants fabric provides adequate freedom of movement through stretching crosswise and lengthwise and the moisture is wicked away.

As the pants are flared, there is extra ventilation, which will ensure you remain cool and fresh even after exercise. The wide low-cut waistband sits under the belly and does not move.

These bootcut yoga pants for women come with non-chafe seams, thereby preventing irritation, while the double-layer gusset enhances durability.

Compression is not a strong suit for Yogipace and they will not slim down your stomach or mask the butt dimples. The fabric tends to hug your hips and thighs, and the pants are usually tighter than what is expected.

It is commonly agreed that the pants are comfortable and washing does not shrink them.

For some, the excessive pilling in the crotch area was a significant issue.

A few users stated that the product sizes are not consistent and two pairs of pants of the same size fit differently.

The Yoga Pants For Home Practice

Beyond Yoga Featherweight Long Sweatpant

Key Characteristics
• ethical brand (WRAP certified)
• Owned by women
• 94% Polyester/6% Spandex
• relaxed fit
• 4-way stretch
• Very soft and comfortable
• wicks moisture & dries quickly
• welt front pockets
• fold-over waist

Although these Beyond Yoga Featherweight yoga pants do resemble PJs, they are perfect right now, as all of us sit at home in quarantine.

These pants are great if you do yoga at home and do not want tight, uncomfortable pair of pants.

Best Loose & Maternity Yoga Bottoms

Yoga Bottoms From Hippie Pants

PNKJ Women's Boho Lounge Pants Harem Hippie Bohemia Loose Yoga Pants with Pockets -Beach Trousers Smocked Waist Pants
  • QUALITY MATERIAL:This tapered harem pants feature ornate ethnic prints.These Yoga Pants are made from the highest quality polyester which is soft, comfortable and breathable.
  • COMFORT AND EASE :Smocked waistband and ankle flattering for many shapes, sizes and body types flattens tummy and great for various heights.This design offer you the best experience in wearing.
  • UNIQUE STYLE: Beautiful and colorful boho print patterns with funky,vibrant.
  • OCCASION:Our hippie pants are perfect travel pants Great during the night as sleep pants for women.Our pants pertfect for yoga,pilates,zumba dance,belly dancing,meditation,relaxation or travelling to the beach.
  • To best care for the palazzo pants,Hand wash is recommended.

Key Characteristics
• fair-trade certified company
• ethical manufacturing in Thailand
• 100% rayon
• soft & very comfortable
• airy & dries quickly
• long waist aligns with the body curves
• Great for all heights
• one size fits most
• Comes with two side pockets
• versatile
• Great patterns & designs
Points to consider
• Could be very baggy and may not be able to control the body form
• The extra fabric could be annoying to some

If you are tired of the tight yoga pants that lack proper fits or show off your body’s bumps and lumps under a magnifying glass, this is a great alternative.

Hippie Pants brand manufactures yoga pants that are flowy, lightweight, and shape-flattering. They are very baggy, and on top, the elastic waistband is very wide, avoiding the digging of it into your stomach.

Moreover, if you gain weight, the waist stretches, and is thus great for pregnant women.

The pants are great for people regardless of their heights. The length is enough for tall women and the scrunched bottoms ensure that shorter women face no issues.

The fabric is very soft, airy, and dries quickly, making it great for hot summers. These pants come in great boho patterns and are ideal for yoga and running errands in the city.

Hippie Pants pants are great for different styles of yoga. But their bagginess will hide your form, making the process slightly difficult. The extra material may also come in the way of performing certain postures.

Check out the detailed review of yoga bottoms from Hippie Pants here.

Best Cropped Yoga Pants & Leggings

prAna – Women’s Leonora Capri

Key Features
• fair trade certified company
• bluesign ® certified fabric (86% Recycled Polyester / 14% Spandex)
• 4-way stretch
• soft & weighs less
• wicks moisture & breathable
• ideal for hot climates
• elasticized waistband & drawcord
• single back welt pocket
• Absence of tag
• versatile
Points to consider
• drawcord could be slightly annoying when in belly-down postures

If it is very hot or the yoga you are performing is intensive, cropped yoga pants are a great option.

These prAna Leonora Capri are created using lightweight recycled polyester and spandex. Thus, moisture is wicked away easily to keep you dry.

As they are loose, they are great for lounging as well as running errands too.

Onzie Women’s Graphic Capri Leggings

Key Characteristics
• manufactured in the USA
• 82% Polyester, 18% Spandex
• thin & breathable
• low rise waistband
• wicks away sweat & dries very quickly
• Ideal for hot climates and heated yoga
• Equipped with a gusseted crotch
• hidden back pocket
• Great prints
Points to consider
• Absence of compression
• sizing could be slightly challenging
• A few patterns are a bit see-through and could be shiny
• hand wash only

If you enjoy breaking a sweat, check out Onzie Women’s Capri Pant – “the yoga wear that’s comfortable in saltwater.”

As their material is thin, they act like swimming suits and allow moisture to evaporate from your skin very quickly, making you dry and cool. Moreover, the Capri will most probably not show sweat marks even when it’s very hot. The fabric is not extremely stretchy and may come across as slightly shiny.

Great low cut waist, as well as mid-calf length, ensure that there is not as much restriction as enforced by long pants, and they cover everything. Moreover, the elastic strap in the waistband ensures the Onzie cropped yoga pants remain in place.

Furthermore, the designs and colors are too out there. Opt for small patterns, including Nocturnal, to hide issues such as butt dimples. But compression is not offered by the Onzie Capri.

The Onzie Capri Pants are supposed to be tight. As they run a little too big and the sizing is in the form of S/M, M/L, it is best to go down a size.

Best Yoga Bottoms That Stay Up

TREELANCE Yoga Bodysuit Organic Cotton

TREELANCE Yoga Bodysuit One Piece Bodysuits Workout Organic Cotton Bra Open Back Jumpsuit For Women Yoga
  • High quality comfy strappy yoga jumpsuit for women made from our soft organic cotton with spandex, latex free, fitting like a second skin. Refined and chic open back compression jumpsuits for women, adjustable straps and bra, included. This black or green one piece is perfect for any fitness class, exercise, casual wear and especially for those days where you would like to look fabulous but do not feel inspired to put an outfit together
  • Treelance yoga bodysuit with a built in bra offers maximum comfort. Our women's sleeveless one piece romper supports and smoothes the body. This black and green unitard adapts to your torso, has adjustable straps. Our figure-forming ankle long length black catsuit it’s comfy for yoga and everyday wear
  • Not see through and breathable cotton yoga wear sleeveless bodysuit. This organic cotton spandex unitard with adjustable straps and bra is the perfect gift for yoga lovers. Treelance form fitting yoga dance one piece bodysuit offers good support
  • One piece for yoga pilates barre gym dance workout fitness casual wear. Quick drying unisex green black jumpsuit. Shape retention sweat absorbent black green organic cotton spandex catsuit. Our jumpsuits provide maximum support during a workout, yoga class, night out dancing with friends. Lovely way to diversify your yoga wear and embrace your beautiful body. Time to workout and have fun with our premium jumpsuit
  • This Yoga Bodysuit runs a bit SMALL. Care for your organic cotton jumpsuit like you would for your actual skin. Our catsuit is latex free and we have it in XS,S,M,L,XL. Show off your lovely curves, and let body confidence take hold!

Key Characteristics
• small family business established by a yoga teacher
• organic cotton & spandex blend
• skin-fitting
• soft & stretchy
• Some compression is offered
• naturally breathable
• built-in bra
• straps are adjustable
• scooped back design
Points to remember
• A little big
• Short people may need to have it hemmed

If you are tired of yoga pants slipping down and a yoga top going all over the place, this TREELANCE Yoga Bodysuit for women is a great solution.

Manufactured using organic cotton and spandex, it allows flexible practice.

The material is thick and provides some compression for smoothening out apt places, and a built-in shelf bra supports even larger busts.

FAQs About Yoga Pants & Leggings For Women

What are the best yoga pants?

Every body is unique, and thus, the apt pants vary from person to person.

However, we personally recommend:
1. SilverTech™ Active Leggings By Organic Basics
2. prAna Women’s Pillar Regular Inseam Pants
When seeking a perfect pair of yoga leggings or pants, these are the questions you must ask:
• Are these yoga pants produced ethically and sustainably?
• Do they seem comfortable?
• Are they stretchy enough to remain intact when getting into splits?
• Is the fabric soft against the skin?
• Does it pass the squat test?

Why are yoga pants so expensive?

It is natural to wonder why yoga pants & leggings are so expensive. Although expensive ones don’t look very different from the cheap ones and the fabric composition may seem similar, there is more to understand.

To begin with, the manufacturing process. The majority of expensive yoga pants are manufactured in the US or Europe, and not Asia, which substantially increases the cost of production and labor.

In the case of cheaper brands, you cannot determine who manufactured your pants and where. Unfortunately, the clothing industry still suffers from child labor and underpaid employees.

However, not every expensive yoga clothing brand manufactures its items in the US.

For example, Synergy Organic Clothing manufactures its yoga items in India, Hippie Pants – in Thailand, Alo Yoga – in several countries. Every brand mentioned is either fair-trade or WRAP certified. That is, all of their employees receive fair compensation for their labor, function in safe working conditions, and no children are involved in the process.

Several high-end brands also attempt to decrease their carbon footprint with the help of alternative sources of energy and tuning of their production to leverage fewer resources. Yoga Democracy and Teeki tend to recycle plastic water as well as soda bottles to manufacture yoga pants. They have also integrated a waterless dyeing process, and they generate unique colorful designs. Organic Basics makes use of sustainably sourced fabric for production or leverages recycled plastic that is treated with a blue design-approved silver salt.

When you pay more, a better fabric quality can be expected, which is more durable and fits well, with great designs. The high-end brands create fashion trends and others follow suit.

What is the difference between yoga pants and leggings?

Essentially, yoga pants are athletic pants that are produced in several styles: bootcut, straight, skin-tight (also called leggings).
Thus, yoga leggings are just one kind of really tight yoga pants.

Should yoga pants be tight or loose?

This is completely based on your preference as well as the kind of yoga you practice.

Tight yoga pants are ideal for fast yoga styles, where you are required to move quickly and you do not want to be slowed down by extra fabric. Several yoga leggings provide some amount of compression, to prevent jiggling, making them great for HIIT, jogging, or aerobics.

Loose yoga pants work well with slow yoga practice, meditation, stretching, and just lounging. Moreover, they look flattering and provide more coverage in case you wish to run errands after the yoga class.

Why do my yoga pants roll down at the waist?

Your yoga pants may be rolling down at the waist due to any of these reasons:
• The elastic in the waist has become old and lost the capacity to retain its previous shape
• The yoga pants are very large for you
• You haven’t followed the instructions while washing the yoga leggings, and thus, the elastic sustained some damaged.

Furthermore, do note that all clothes are sewn based on some imaginary average body type, which typically has an hour-glass figure, slim waist, long legs, and a long neck.

But the fact is that every woman is different and so are the body types. A few of us are heavier in thighs and legs, a few of us in the waist, etc.

Several of us do not carry weight at all and are underweight. Purchasing any type of ready-made clothes is hit-and-miss.
In case slipping waist is a pertinent issue for you, try some other type of yoga pants. In case you typically wear low-rise cut, opt for high-rise leggings next time. You can even purchase yoga pants with a drawstring, enabling you to tune the waist size.

How do you know if your yoga pants are see-through?

Go through customer reviews in case you are purchasing yoga pants online.

You can even attempt a simple “squat test” and see if the bottoms are opaque or not.

For engaging in a squat test, wear a bright pair of undies or if you’re wearing black pants, you can wear white undies.

Position your backside in front of a full-sized mirror in a well-lit room.

Squat and look behind to see if the yoga pants are see-through.

What do you wear under see-through pants?

In case your yoga pants are a little sheer, you can wear nude thongs or nude panties. Never wear white panties as the color will still remain visible even under white yoga pants.

Do you go commando in leggings?

Yes, you can do that if that is comfortable for you.

However, ensure that the pants are completely opaque and squat-proof. Moreover, going commando in yoga leggings works best if they come with a gusseted crotch as it will decrease friction and chafing, along with camel-toe.

Is it OK to wear yoga pants in public?

Wearing yoga pants is no longer a faux pas. In fact, it is a fashion statement.

If you feel comfortable, there is nothing wrong with wearing yoga pants in public.

In case tight yoga leggings make you feel very self-conscious, or you feel “naked”, wear a longer top or a chunky sweater to cover your butt.

What should you wear under yoga pants?

If you want to avoid showing your panty lines or your panty’s color, you can wear seamless nude panties or thongs under your yoga pants as they will not show even under sheer pants.


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